All of our Companions are handpicked and respond to the highest degree of Elegancy and Professionalism. Aside from being the masters in the great game of seductions and these super-women are the have the perfect blend of social skills, friendly attitude, education and companionship behavior.

We are confident that they would easily exceed what you have been used to expect from female companions and would even be able to satisfy the taste and the desires of even the most demanding gentlemen.

Allow us the pleasure of introducing you to the Dream Team…We don’t like to say too much about ourselves and would rather prefer to demonstrate. So don’t take our word for it…and instead, call to book.

For reservation call  (438)-700-0484


Rachel is the naughty girl who looks like an angel. Her striking features and blond hair will trick you well, but remember that she is a really wild cat inside. With a taste for bdsm and role playing m, this girl will rock your world. From top to bottom she is gorgeous. Well-groomed, waxed and toned, she is a young princess with a dark side that waits to be explored. Pick up the phone and be her Columbus!


This beauty is not for the inexperienced! She is really good, and I mean really god at what she does. Sexy, perfectly dressed and groomed, she is the iconic high class escort who caters to the distinguished and elite gentlemen. Her collection of lingerie is amazing and every outfit highlights her beauty even more. She is a true explorateur, but I will let her to tell you more about it. Call and ask for Hope if you want the full VIP experience.


Tara is exquisite and sophisticated. She is the lady that will drive a true gentleman to addiction. Well versed in various topics, she is a perfect companion for a dinner and a private one-on-one afterwards. You’ll devour her with your eyes from the first sight. She looks stunning in her little black dress. She loves champagne and fine cuisine, so don’t be shy to arrange a dinner service for your encounter. Call now for more details.


Paola is every man’s dream! Honestly, her beauty is astonishing. Her skin is perfect, her eyes are of a deep blue and her hair shines. Toned, olive skin with delicate curves is what expects you in an encounter with Paola. She is sensitive to every request and need and she is very discreet. Many have found refuge and pleasure in her arms, and we invite you to taste some of the delicious fruits of mother nature in the form of absolute feminine beauty.


Sweet honey Lily will delight you every step of the way. This natural blond is a 34 C with a full breast and toned skin. Her fine features and innocent curves distinguish her as the ultimate companion. She is caring, passionate, lovely and fun to hang out with. Call and ask for Lily if you want to taste the sweet nectar of life!


Remember that time when you spotted that gorgeous girl at the next table and all you could think about is how badly you’d like to take her out? Well, Grace is just that girl. Guys turn their heads at her short skirt and long legs… and that smile- it’s like she puts a spell on you! You have to meet Grace as soon as possible, so call now!


This gorgeous brunette from Eastern Europe is always on fire. Very knowledgeable and sociable in public environment, wild and passionate when things become more private, Simona is the perfect choice for long term dates such as corporate gatherings or a romantic week-end escape to a vacation resort.


This French Canadian beauty is as laid back as it ever gets. Few hours spent in her company will surely make you forget all of the never-ending daily routine troubles. Aphelia is a very creative woman so seeing her is different every time.  Carmen is the perfect choice for gentlemen that prefer to spend time with the same Escort every time.


Shy and Romantic, Irina’s innocence and naivety is perhaps the best medicine in today’s world full of stress and frustration. However, don’t rush to jump to a premature conclusion.


This Seductive Blond is a professional stage dancer. Passionate and Easy going, she will have no

problem to blend in any given social environment and adapt to the character of the gentlemen to whom she is giving company. Vanessa is also a very creative person. She will easily be able to plan a wonderful and romantic evening for 2 down to the slightest details.


By character, Milena is an actress. She is a master of different role playing games. Every minute spent with her is an adventure of its own. Milena is a very charismatic person, so, being in her company, you would probably not realize how fast you become addicted to her. What happens next? Seeing her would become your highest priority on your every visit to Montreal.


The name says it all. She is a true Angel.  Young and naughty, Angel is the perfect companion for someone who wants to get as much fun as possible. With amazing looks and electrifying attitude, Angel will keep you adrenaline levels at the all-time high from the first to the very last minute of seeing her.


When you need the company of a more mature and sophisticated woman, Nicole is the perfect choice. Often, the experience is the key and more experience there is, more romantic things get. Almost always, experience does matter.


When you feel for going something so hot by appearance yet so simple by character, Jen would be your perfect date. Indeed, spending quality time with Jenny is very stress free and fun. There are tons of things she could tell you that will catch your interest and yet all of these things will be small silly things! Jen is the perfect mix of everything: looks, character, charisma and warmth. Undeniably, being with her, you are truly in good hands.